Original Numpty Monkey T's

Tongues $19.99


Flying Radio $19.99

Flying Radio

Rainbow Blaster $19.99

Rainbow Blaster

Robo-Hi-Fi $19.99


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Design for the monkey

Want exposure and continuous cash?

1. Design

Pick up a pen, a mouse, a finger and get designing. We accept all sorts of styles and themes, nothing is out of bounds, well almost nothing. Be creative, have fun and send us what you've got.

You can use our dead handy design kit to help you get the correct dimensions, think of it as your blank canvas.

2. Submit

Once you have a design you think is fanblimintastic, we want to see it and allow our customers to buy it, making you and the monkey some cash.

Now, because we want the monkey to be fed, we don't want any designs that we don't think will earn him any money, so we do vet each and every design to make sure the quality is up to scratch.

Click here if you are an aspiring designer.

3. Live Profile on Numpty Monkey

Once we are happy we will upload your design to our system and hey-presto, you are a professional shirt designer. You will get your own profile page, (with the designs you have submitted to Numpty Monkey past and present) with links to any personal website or social networking sites. We want to build a relationship with our designers, and we hope that you want to stay with the monkey in the future!

Now, don't forget that when we then pay you, you have to give the government some money for you efforts and pay your Tax on your self-employed income.

That's it, it's as simple as that. You can see the terms and conditions for submission here.

If you aren't fully satisfied with your item. We offer a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. 
At any time!